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At Celaya Law, we provide advanced, customized solutions that will protect your loved ones and safeguard your hard-earned wealth.           We will answer your questions in common-sense language, give you personalized and professional solutions, and carry out your wishes both efficiently and cost-effectively.  Nowhere else will you get powerful, big-firm results with such personalized, small-firm accessibility.

Anthony Celya - Estate Planning Attorney - Napa CA“I’ve seen it all—from children left without guardians, to estates locked up in probate, to inheritances completely lost to creditors. I’ve dealt with rogue siblings taking advantage of unsuspecting parents, inheritances lost to needless tax disasters, and businesses that have failed because owners didn’t plan for their demise. Consequently, I have a passion for providing peace of mind through the best and most efficient estate planning strategies. I’ll let you know exactly what your legal options are, counsel you regarding what I recommend doing and why, quote you a fixed price, and give you an exact date I’ll have the work done. It’s as simple as that.”
– Anthony Celaya, JD

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