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Preparing Small Businesses for the Future

As a small business owner, you’re likely proud to say all those long workdays paid off and you have a successful company to show for your hard work. But as satisfied as you are with your business, you won’t be here forever to ensure it keeps running smoothly. If you want your business to thrive for decades, you must plan for the day when you retire, leave for another role, or pass away.

Business succession planning attorneys in Napa, California can help with this. When you hire Celaya Law, you’ll meet with a lawyer with experience helping small business owners like you prepare for the future so your company can handle the sudden change in management or ownership. Contact our Napa Valley law firm to schedule an initial consultation.

How Can Business Succession Planning Benefit You?

Your business might run smoothly with you in charge, but that won’t necessarily be the case when you’re not there to manage it. Consider what would happen if you retired, unexpectedly became ill, or passed away. If you have a feeling your business would come to a halt, it’s time to consider business succession planning. 

Having a plan can provide peace of mind to you, your family, and the managers working for you. This is because they will have specific instructions to keep the business going if you’re suddenly unavailable to guide them. Knowing who will take over the business and how to continue achieving success will make the transition easier for everyone. 

Whether you plan to pass your business on to a family member or prefer to sell it, you need your wishes recorded on legal documents and added to your estate plan. At that point, you can enjoy these benefits of business succession planning:

  • Minimize business disruptions during the transfer of ownership
  • Reduce taxes 
  • Protect business assets during the transition
  • Avoid family disputes about who will be in charge of the business
  • Maximize the valuation of the business before you transfer or sell it

At Celaya Law, we have helped numerous small business owners and their families as they plan for the unexpected. Contact us to talk to a skilled attorney about your plans for the company.

What Are the Risks of Not Having a Plan?

Making plans for the future of your business now can help you avoid the consequences that occur when a company suddenly loses its owner. For example, if you don’t appoint a business successor, there may be confusion about who gets the company. Your shareholders or business partners could be left trying to determine who has rights to the business. If you have a family-owned business, your adult children might argue about who is entitled to ownership if you do not have a business or estate plan that specifies. 

This could end with the wrong person taking over your business when you’re gone. Maybe they’re unqualified and will mismanage your company, tarnishing the reputation you worked hard to build and leading your most valued employees to quit. The business could eventually fail with the wrong leader, eliminating the legacy you hoped to leave. 

Even if a qualified person takes over your business and it continues to thrive, the uncertainty surrounding the decision could cause lasting damage to the relationships between people you care about. Families and friend groups might feel divided over who they think you wanted to run the business, so they could feel resentful when the new owner steps in. 

To avoid these risks and ensure your business continues operating without disruptions or disputes, you should talk to a trusted lawyer about your business and estate planning options.

What Are Common Elements of a Business Succession Plan?

As you prepare to meet with an estate planning attorney in Napa Valley, you should get an idea of the details most plans include. The elements of yours will depend on your vision for your company, but in general, you can expect your lawyer to help with these tasks:

  • Decide if you want to keep your business in the family or arrange to sell it 
  • Identify and train employees or family members who may be suitable to take over your role as the owner
  • Choose and train a team that will step up and ensure the day-to-day operations continue smoothly while the new owner acclimates to the role
  • Clarify the CEO’s duties and expected compensation package 
  • Ensure the company is projected to have enough cash flow to pay for its business debts, operating costs, and taxes beyond the transition period 
  • Update essential business documents, such as employment agreements, employee stock ownership documents, and buy/sell agreements  

 If you want legal assistance with these steps, contact our Napa Valley law firm to start your business succession plan.

Are You Ready to Meet with Business Succession Planning Attorneys in Napa, California?

Trying to plan for the future while running a small business can feel like an overwhelming, time-consuming task, but it’s a critical one. If you don’t take the initiative to ensure your company will have a capable leader when you’re no longer here, your business could struggle or even fail if you become ill or pass away. It’s even more important to create a plan now if you’re considering retiring soon and want your business to continue on without you.

Whether you’re getting close to retirement or plan to operate your business for decades to come, a business succession plan will offer peace of mind to you and your employees in case the unexpected occurs. At Celaya Law, we’ve provided guidance to businesses in various industries, ensuring the owners of those businesses have the estate planning services necessary to protect their assets. If you’re ready to get legal assistance for your business, call us at 707-754-0977.

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