Client Care


In an effort to better serve our clients, we have created a bundled offering of premium services to keep your plan updated throughout the years. In the U.S., more than half of all living trusts become so severely outdated by the time one of the Trust creators dies that the estate ends up in probate! As a client of Celaya Law, we offer free lifetime Client Care to work closely with our clients to ensure that the plan we’ve created for you does exactly what you intended it to do when it matters most. The following are the services we provide you when you are a member of Client Care:

  • Ongoing Attorney Check Ups  –  We thoroughly review your estate plan and discuss any changes that may necessitate an update, including personal or family changes (retirement, marriage, disability, divorce), financial changes (new assets, inheritance, new business, insolvency), or tax law changes.
  • Ongoing Communication – We keep ourselves readily available to answer any of your questions or concerns at any time via email, phone, or in person.
  • Funding (Retitling) Assets – We retitle your assets into your Trust initially then continuously review your assets to ensure they are kept up-to-date and funded in your Trust.
  • Family Care Meeting – We provide a safe environment for you and our team to explain your plan to your family members, agents, and advisors, and address their questions or concerns.
  • Collaboration with Your Financial Advisors – We collaborate with your advisors, accountants, and insurance professionals in order to properly integrate your estate plan with your financial plan.
  • Client Educational Workshops – We invite you, your family members, advisors, and friends to attend our free educational workshops on various estate planning topics to keep you informed on the latest estate planning trends.
  • Trust Administration – Guaranteed fees under 2% of the gross estate. 
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