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As the assets you’ve earned during your lifetime grow, so might your concern over losing them. After all, when you have valuable property in your estate, you have a lot to lose, especially once other people notice it. If you’re worried about creditors, lawsuits, and other threats coming after your assets, let Celaya Law create an asset protection strategy to preserve your wealth. 

When you hire an asset protection attorney from our Napa Valley law office, you will have a legal professional by your side to identify and resolve any risks you face regarding your assets. Don’t let lawsuits and other liabilities reduce the wealth you’ve spent years building. Contact an experienced asset protection lawyer in Napa Valley to protect your finances.


Whether you’re a successful business owner or an individual with significant assets, you never know when someone will target you to take what you have. Of course, sometimes people aren’t aware of your net worth and are simply fortunate enough to win a potential lawsuit against you. But either way, the outcome is the same, as they get to take a portion of your hard-earned money. This is why hiring Napa Valley asset protection lawyers for asset protection strategies is recommended. 

Lawsuits are among the most common ways people lose most or all the individual assets they have. For instance, doctors can be sued for medical malpractice claims, while former partners may sue business owners. Additionally, someone could bring a personal injury lawsuit against you after they’re injured on your property or in a car accident with you. So, even if you’re unlikely to face legal action based on your career, you should consider asset protection options when estate planning.

Other threats you might face include creditors who come after you for business or individual debts, or a divorce case that grants your spouse more than their fair share of assets. Even a prolonged illness can threaten your net worth when you cannot work and must spend money on medical costs. Hiring a law firm to work on an estate plan that includes asset protection strategies can protect you and your family members from potential lawsuits.


The right law firm for your estate planning needs will find various legal ways to protect your hard earned assets. While you’re expected to pay for any legitimate debts, we understand that sometimes creditors, former business partners, or disgruntled customers might look for ways to take as much of your money as they can. This is why you should schedule an initial consultation with an asset protection attorney from our law firm to ensure asset protection is part of your estate plan.

Our methods for your case will vary depending on your circumstances, including whether you own a business, have minor children, or wish for your beneficiaries to avoid the probate process. During your initial consultation, a lawyer will look at important details to determine which strategies would address issues you face. Some of the legal methods we often use to protect property for clients include:

  • Opening different types of trusts, including irrevocable life insurance trusts, charitable trusts, and domestic asset protection trusts, to reduce taxes, avoid probate, and safeguard property for beneficiaries
  • Initiating business succession planning for when you’re ready to transfer ownership of your business in the future
  • Writing pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements to shield assets in case of divorce
  • Creating a Limited Liability Company (LLC) to protect business owners from losing personal assets through litigation
  • Buying insurance policies for peace of mind that you can afford unexpected expenses without bankrupting your estate after a car accident, personal injury on your property, or long-term illness
  • Opening retirement accounts that reduce your taxes as you save for your future, including 401(k) plans and IRA accounts. 

These are just a few ways an experienced asset protection attorney can defend your assets from threats. If you’re ready to learn more about how asset protection options fit into estate planning, call our law firm to get legal guidance from a caring asset protection attorney. 


Anyone can benefit from looking into an asset protection plan during the estate planning process. As long as you have even one asset to lose in a lawsuit or divorce, it’s worth it to find ways to protect it. Otherwise, the loved ones named in your wills, trusts, or any other estate planning document could lose their inheritance.

Of course, some people are especially at risk of losing property through legal action, making them great candidates for asset protection guidance. For example, if you’re a doctor, dentist, or lawyer, you could face lawsuits from injured or dissatisfied patients or clients.

If you own one or more businesses or properties, you could also be targeted with lawsuits threatening to reduce your wealth. Our lawyers will keep your best interests in mind when advising you on your legal rights when estate planning, so contact us to learn how to safeguard your property with our asset protection services.


At Celaya Law, our team has years of experience finding ways to keep our clients’ assets safe from individuals and businesses seeking to take them via lawsuits, liens, judgments, or fraud. No matter the amount of assets, you deserve to have complete confidence through asset protection planning that your loved ones will get it after your death as instructed in your will or trust. 

We want to ensure that you don’t lose that property before your family members get it, even if that means we must transfer it to an asset protection trust, LLC, or an account set up for your beneficiary. If you have questions about the asset protection laws and procedures regarding planning your estate, from trust administration to health care directives, call us at 707-754-0977 to talk to a caring team.

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