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Tips For Estate Planning For Families in Sonoma, California

According to experts, some families in Sonoma, California do not have a will. They think that it is so frustrating and expensive to hire a lawyer to help them. So here is some information on how to find the right estate plan for you and your family.

Once you have your family, the best thing you can do to ensure your children’s future is to write a will. It does not have to be a complex document that uses trusts and loopholes to avoid probate. Preferably, it should be uncomplicated, leaving property and money to your kids and also choosing a guardian for them.

Always be prepared for the future. If you and your spouse die with no will to leave behind, the court takes charge in selecting a legal guardian for your children. In addition to that, if you pass away without leaving a will for your spouse and children, your properties may give to your kids through the intestacy laws.

You need to pick a legal guardian for your children. Choose someone who can provide care and willing to take on your responsibility for your kids. If you become incapacitated or disabled, a durable power of attorney provides the person you appoint the authority to make financial and medical decisions on your behalf.

Make a list of all your key documents and assets. It will be easier to determine what you owe and what you have. Maintain an inventory of all your assets and accounts owned, relevant legal documents, and insurance policies held.

Always remember that once you have kids, it is the best time to start considering and looking around for the best life insurance. You can search the internet for different insurance companies and compare their policies. Plan ahead for your children’s future and make sure that they will have the best insurance company to help them.

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