Jordan Celaya, son of the founding attorney Anthony Celaya, joined Celaya Law as a legal assistant and Spanish translator in 2020. He is a current law student and plans to continue with the firm after graduation. 

Jordan was raised in Napa County, attended high-school in Napa, and then graduated with a BA in History from Brigham Young University. Jordan then spent several years in Puerto Rico, where he learned Spanish and completed the first part of his Law School degree at the University of Puerto Rico. He has since continued to work both remotely and in person with Celaya Law. 

As the oldest child of six, Jordan learned the importance of responsibility and hard work at a young age. He has brought those qualities with him to the firm, feeling a keen responsibility towards fellow employees and clients, and working hard to produce quality and efficient work. He also enjoys working with the Spanish-speaking community, and in any way employing his skills as a fluent Spanish speaker and translator. 

In his free time, Jordan loves to read and write, spend time with his wife and two dogs, and, when he can, play pick up soccer and basketball.

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