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Thanksgiving Dinner Is the Perfect Time to Discuss Estate Planning

Though you may be spending your Thanksgiving eating tons of delicious food, watching football, and taking a long tryptophan-induced nap, this may be the perfect time to discuss estate planning and let family members know about your future plans. It’s a time when families get together anyways and though it might not always be lighthearted, families are at least willing to dedicate a certain amount of time together.

It is a good idea to give the family a bit of a warning that a family meeting of some sort will be happening during the holidays, so there is not an element of surprise. Having this discussion will alleviate the possibility of having lingering tension between children rise to the surface after a parent passes away, which often times leads to the estate’s settlement becoming a battle ground.

With a proper discussion amongst family members in which you lay out your specific wishes and desires, your family will be in a better position when you pass away. It is unlikely that you will resolve all issues at the dinner table on Thanksgiving; however, it will allow you and your family to have a calm conversation, which will allow everyone to listen to different perspectives and will also keep the lines of communication open.


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