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Mother’s Day Tribute

Many people believe that estate planning is only for the particularly wealthy who have elaborate plans in mind for passing money to their heirs. Nothing could be further from the truth! Estate planning is for everyone who cares about the well-being of those they love and desires to make a difference in their lives after […]

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Be a Good Friend – Educate Them About Advance Healthcare Directives

Do you have a friend who haven’t created their estate plan yet? If so, please share this article to them and help them understand the benefits of Advance Healthcare Directives. —– Nobody likes to think about their own mortality. But if you wish to maintain control over what happens to you if you get into an […]

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What Financial Advisors Must Know About the New $11.2 Million Estate Tax Exemption

As many financial advisors may know, the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act raises the estate tax exemption to $11.2 million for singles and $22.4 million for married couples, both figures being about double what they previously were. For many Americans who previously were right on the cusp of being affected by the estate tax, […]

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Why It Is Important To Hire A Healthcare Proxy

It is quite comforting to know that medical professionals today are ready to use various treatments and tools at their disposal to save our lives. It is also important to have the assurance that those caring for us at a time of crisis do so according to your desires and wishes. Life-sustaining procedures such as […]

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3 Important Reasons to Avoid Probate

With or without a will, estates may have to go through a probate process. Typically, the probate process is used for one of two things. It might certify the validity of a will and the executor’s authority to carry out the wishes in the will. Without a will, the probate process must name an administrator […]

Tips For Updating Your Estate Plan As You Approach Retirement

While most people look forward to retirement, not everyone has their estate plans in proper order. Even if you have created a will and related documents in the past, it is essential that you have them updated as you enter the retirement years. The most basic document in your estate plan is your will. Though […]

The Holidays: An Unexpectedly Excellent Opportunity To Discuss Estate Planning With Your Parents

Your parents have always been there, guiding you from your first steps to choosing a university and beyond. This can make it difficult for adult children to recognize that it is time to begin assuming more significant involvement in the needs of their parents. Though it might be a touchy subject for them, you and […]

Estate Planning Tips For Unmarried Couples

Estate planning is a must when you have a life partner but no marriage, domestic partnership, or civil union. Without the certificate, none of you can inherit from each other, and both of you won’t have a say in each other’s end-of-life medical care. If you don’t write a will, the state laws will be […]

How To Include Digital Assets As Part Of Your Estate Plan

The internet has brought us many possibilities, among which is the option to pay your bills online, receive electronic statements, and set up auto payments. Many companies leverage these methods and support paperless billing and online account management. That’s because this form of account management is a more convenient, less expensive, and more environmentally friendly […]

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How To Include Your Adopted Children And Stepchildren In Your Estate Plan

The traditional family model no longer applies to many households across the nation today, with many homes including adopted children as well as stepchildren. However, no matter how dear you hold others to your heart, that does not necessarily provide them with equality in the eyes of the law. If you want to ensure that […]