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The Steps You Need to Take to Ensure Your Estate Plan Is Executed as You Wish

Whether you have minimal investments and an apparent heir or have accumulated a significant amount of wealth that you would like to distribute to your family or others, it is vital that you establish an estate plan. While singles and those without a lot of assets might think this unnecessary, doing so is an important […]

Is Your Trust Funded?

Several years ago, while administering a deceased client’s trust, I was closing out what I thought was her last account. As the financial representative and I concluded our telephone call, the conversation went something like this: Rep: “Now wait, what about this account?” Me: “Uh, what account?” Rep: “I see here that she has another […]

Property or People?

The first client I ever met with as a licensed attorney forever changed the way I thought about estate planning. The young lady had walked into my office with bowed head, shuffling feet, and closed lip. I thought she seemed a bit morose for one who was simply organizing her estate. I had purposely chosen […]

2010 – A Challenging Year For Estate Planning (to the financial professional…)

We have known since 2001 that the federal estate tax and generation-skipping transfer tax (GSTT) was scheduled for a one-year repeal beginning January 1, 2010, but few of us thought we would see that repeal actually take effect. Although most experts were confident that Congress would act to prevent the law from playing out, they […]

2010 – A Challenging Year For Estate Planning (to the taxpayer…)

This has been a landmark year for estate planning. What a mess Congress has created! We are now in a year where there is no federal estate tax, but Congress has substituted another method of taxation that will collect more taxes from individuals and families than the estate tax. Additionally, as has been reported in […]