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What’s Next For Your Estate Plan After A Divorce Or Remarriage?

Throughout your life, a variety of events will occur that can affect your financial reality. Not only can big choices such as a second marriage or a divorce influence financial affairs upon signing, but these decisions can also affect your estate plans as well. Failure to consider and act on these matters can create various […]

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Estate Planning Myths That Can Affect The Financial Future Of You & Your Family

Estate planning is an area of widespread confusion that often leads to mistakes that can cost you a lot of time and money and cause a lot of stress to your family especially when you are incapacitated, or when you pass away. Here are the most common estate planning myths you should be aware of: […]

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How To Reduce Your Estate Taxes With Charitable Donations

If you have an interest in leaving behind a legacy that is positive and to eliminate or drastically reduce the taxes that your estate will owe once you have passed away, the act of making contributions to charitable causes or organizations is the ideal way in which to do this. Estate planning is a highly […]

Minimizing Your Estate Tax Using An AB Trust

If one of the spouses dies and passes on his or her assets in the last will, the estate will be heavily taxed before the beneficiaries ever receive it. Spouses looking to avoid this tax can set up an AB trust where they can each leave their assets to an irrevocable trust. What is an […]

Finding The Right Elder Law Attorney For Your Case

While it is a touchy subject, dealing with the legal matters of aging loved ones is extremely important. Far too often people take on burdens that they shouldn’t have to and spend the final years with their relatives feeling their relationships crack and falter. One of the ways to prevent this is hiring an experienced […]

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What Are the Top Three Benefits of Having a Living Trust?

Estate planning is an essential aspect of managing your financial portfolio, and a living trust might be a preferable way to disperse some or all of your assets when compared to a will. If you are not familiar with living trusts, these are the top three benefits of putting your assets into one: Avoid Probate […]

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Tips For Hiring An Estate Planning Attorney

Most people need to hire the services of an attorney only a few times in their lifetime. An attorney can be an excellent resource, especially for estate planning. However, most people do not do their estate planning until it is too late. Nevertheless, it is important to plan your estate wisely to make sure that […]

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Estate Planning Tips for Single and Childless Individuals

While most people don’t give much thought to estate planning, particularly if they are single and have no children, that is a big mistake. Whether you haven’t done so because you don’t want to consider your passing or just haven’t gotten around to it, it is important that you take the time to handle this […]

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The Steps You Need to Take to Ensure Your Estate Plan Is Executed as You Wish

Whether you have minimal investments and an apparent heir or have accumulated a significant amount of wealth that you would like to distribute to your family or others, it is vital that you establish an estate plan. While singles and those without a lot of assets might think this unnecessary, doing so is an important […]

Is Your Trust Funded?

Several years ago, while administering a deceased client’s trust, I was closing out what I thought was her last account. As the financial representative and I concluded our telephone call, the conversation went something like this: Rep: “Now wait, what about this account?” Me: “Uh, what account?” Rep: “I see here that she has another […]