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Setting up your Living Will and Trust Has Become a Popular Activity During the Pandemic

With all the extracurricular activities that we are partaking in during this pandemic: bike riding, quilting, bread baking, and reading, there is one more that you should consider. Right now add setting up your living will and trust has been added to the list of items that have become more popular during the pandemic.

During these times of unknowing we find that it is better to plan for all scenarios so you don’t leave your family to plan after something happens. The pandemic has been a wakeup call for people to get their affairs in order and it is not necessarily the elderly population we are talking about. There are people of all ages from various areas of the workforce that are worried that they are at risk of contracting COVID-19, which has created a sense of urgency.

Celaya Law has had to think outside the box in terms of getting documents executed and notarized. Safe signings have been conducted anywhere from online to outside on front porches or backyards, using masks, gloves, and sanitizing all pens and tools involved. We know that planning your living will and trust can be stressful and the fear of COVID-19 on top of that does not help. Rest assured that we are talking all precautions necessary for all of our staff and clients during these times to help relieve some of the stress.

Don’t let the pandemic deter you or your loved ones from setting up their living trust. With the flexibility of virtual meetings and drive-by signings, there is no excuse! Contact Celaya Law Today at 707-492-3312 or on our website to start our discussion.

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