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In The Event of an Emergency

As September in Napa Valley draws to a close, temperatures are heating up and rural areas of Napa are under Red Flag Warnings. With these warnings PGE may choose to turn off power in some areas. My team members living in vulnerable areas are making plans for what they will do if their power was shut off for several days. From hot showers, to food storage and prep, and even communications, they are planning ahead for what could happen.

There’s also need to plan for possible evacuations. That plan would be more involved so families need to work together and make decisions about what items are necessary, and/or valued most, so swift actions can be taken if the need arises.

Having plans in place of an “emergency” supports a calm approach to facing these or similar threatening circumstances. This got me thinking about how similar this is to Estate Planning. No one wants to think about having to evacuate their home – or about serious illness or death – but we all know, anything can happen at any time, so having a plan in place is the only true way to ensure you’re prepared.

In all my years as an Estate Planning attorney, I’ve never had a client say they wish they hadn’t thought ahead and made a plan. Not one! Why not come in and meet with us today? We will walk you through the process and offer you options to support your personal plans and needs. You will sleep better knowing you’re prepared!

To get you started on home readiness, here’s a handy checklist for items to have on hand in the case of power outage. Remember, a well-prepared home is a happy home!

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