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Leaving a Legacy is a Gift

As I was reviewing current statistics released during the National Estate Planning Awareness Week, which is annually the third week of October, I’m continually astounded that Estate planning is still a critically overlooked component of financial wellness, and yet it’s estimated that more than half of Americans, a staggering 56%, do not have an estate plan in place!

Celaya Law works to combat this challenge by offering monthly workshops to ensure that as many local residents as possible are aware of how their family could be affected if no estate plan were in place at one’s passing.

As an attorney who briefly practiced divorce law (which I was not well suited for since I ‘saved’ more marriages than I served ????), I decided to go into Estate Planning to help better serve families by helping them protect and pass down assets to their children and loved ones. Planning an estate blesses one’s posterity more than just with assets protected or passed on, but by those children preparing their own plans as did their parents. Working with multi-family generations has been both a priority and an honor at Celaya Law.

As you’re looking ahead to the holiday season, give yourself the gift of peace of mind by establishing or updating your Estate Plan. Also, consider giving the gift of an Estate Plan to those you love, or to employees, if you have them. This is one gift that will truly make a difference!


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